Safe way to be naked
Nudist Compass is free android application which helps you to find closest nudist beaches and other naturist locations near you
  • Check thousands of nudist beaches, naturist resorts and other interesting places worldwide
  • Explore, comment or navigate to nearest nudist beach or add your favorite location
  • Chat with other nudist enthusiasts
  • Use it for free!


Requires Android 2.1 and higher. Uses network communication (Edge, 3G or Wifi) and location fix (network, Wifi or GPS).


Nudist Compass is free android application which helps you to find closest nudist beaches and other naturist locations near you. Currently, it contains list of thousands of places in North and Central America, many countries in Europe, Australia and New Zealand. And the list is growing every day.

Nudist Compass allows you to explore, navigate to, rate or comment various nudist locations and even submit your favorite yet unlisted places, so other naturist enthusiasts can share the joy of naked sunbathing there too.

Whether you look for tranquil place in the heart of unspoiled nature or you prefer crowded nudist resort with vibrant night life, Nudist Compass can help you find the right place for you. You can check how busy the place is, meet other nudists or just chat with them anonymously.

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Version 1.52

Released on May 2016
  • NEWSee who is (or recently was) online and how far from you

Version 1.50

Released on May 2016
  • NEWEmoji avatar images for profiles
  • NEWList of "naked" people redesign
  • FIXLayout and other fixes

Version 1.48

Released on May 2016
  • NEWApplication sends a notification whenever there is an activity (comment, checkin or rating) on "watched" place. You can choose which place is to be "watched"

Version 1.47

Released on February 2016
  • FIXYahoo weather integration fix

Version 1.46

Released on May 2015
  • NEWUser detail screen shows history of user activity
  • NEWPassword can be changed

Version 1.44

Released on April 2015
  • FIXOptimized loading of "News", with paging.

Version 1.42

Released on April 2015
  • FIXFixed problems with inserting comments and descriptions with non-latin characters
  • NEWNumber of found places around search position increased to 15


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