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La Janine, 30240 Le Grau-du-Roi, France
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Follow the boulder-lined path from the end of the parking lot and you'll arrive at the beginning of what may be the largest nude beach anywhere. Espiguette is a beautiful beach with lots of sand and extensive dunes. If it is not the most popular nude beach in France, it is at least among the top few. Even on sunny weekdays in September, expect to see hundreds and hundreds of naked bodies here. There is often a snack and beverage vendor who roves the beach with a cart.

There are more families with children near the parking lot. The predominantly gay area of the beach is about a 30-40 minute walk south. On crowded days, you can walk nearly an hour before the crowd starts to thin out.

Nudity continues well past the end of the authorized zoned, which apparently is not even signed, and the distance from the parking lot eastward to the point where a canal outlet interrupts the beach is over 6 kilometers, with no convenient public points of access in between. Espiguette is at the western edge of the Camargue, a vast wetlands area.

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GPS: 43.4756, 4.1587

commune, department, region, country
      Le Grau du Roi, Gard (30), Languedoc-Roussillon, France

official tolerance?  yes (A)

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4.9 (23 ratings)

Sehr schöner langer Strand mit sehr klarem Wasser und feinem Sand. Im vorderen Teil fast nur Paare und Familien weiter hinten dann der Teil für die Schwule Gemeinschaft.
Very large beach, lots of nudists, lots of fun. Only an icecream man at the start of the beach. Bring everything you need yourself. Have a nice day!
Very nice sandy beach. Gay area far to the south, about 30 mins walk from the parking place (6 euros for car). Lot of straight and gay action behind the dunes.
Heerlijk mooi strand, stukje lopen naar de bossen dan kun je als man heerlijk genieten van mannen.
Beautiful beach. Even in winter. Too cold to ne naked but very natural..
Magnifique et gigantesque plage.
Superbe plage, j y suis en vacances tous les ans en juin
Plage nat par excellence, même si les parkings sont chers et s'éloignent de la zone nat...
Plage sauvage a découvrir au moins une fois quand on est dans la région que l'on soit naturiste ou non, cela vaut le détour :-)
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