Our web site or our Android application helps you to find closest nudist beach or other naturist location anywhere in the world

Whether you look for tranquil place in the heart of unspoiled nature or you prefer crowded nudist resort with vibrant night life, Nudist Compass can help you find the right place for you.

For example, have you heard about these popular places?

Find your favorite in our ever-growing place list. See who is online or around, checked into a place near you or read the news.

Find out how busy a place is, meet other nudists or just chat with them.

You can use Nudist Compass anonymously. However, for comments, checkin in, rating or messaging, you have to be logged in. With your nick, you can upload a photo or use selected emoji avatar. Profile photo which is displayed publicly must conform policies of Google Play (no nudity for example). Nude photos can be uploaded to private albums, which are accessible to premium members.

Errors in places listings

What if I find wrong or misleading information in the place description ?

The best way for correcting errors is to just put your information as a comment to the place and let the others know what you think is important to know. Nudist Compass is a “generated content app” where anyone can contribute, correct, and discuss places of nudity.

It is also possible to write an email to us ( However especially in cases like there are contradictory claims, it’s not possible for us to be a judge and pick the right one. We try to visit many nudist beaches and check the info in the app, but of course it’s not possible to do it for all.

Allowing location access

I see "Allow location access to see places around you" in the home page. What does it mean ?

Primary use of Nudist Compass is to show nude beaches near you. In order to do it properly, it must know your location (GPS position, if you want). Nudist Compass is a web site, so in order to get the location it has to ask the browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, Safari, …) in which it is shown. The browser in turn may ask an operating system to get the location (Android, iOS, Windows, …). Providing this information is controlled by setting a proper permission.

If you want to allow location access for our website running in your web browser, you need to adjust the settings of the web browser and/or operating system. How exactly this is done, depends on the system and browser you are using.

For example in Windows / Chrome it's in Settings / Privacy and Security / Permissions / Location. The browser itself may controll the location access by a question everytime an app requires an access to it, or provide the setting in the URL bar. If you use an Android application (you can download it here) it asks for the location access when it is first started and it can be altered afterwards in the Android Settings.

Please refer to documentation of your browser/os to find how a location permission can be modified.

Premium membership and payments

Why do I have to pay to see the maps ?

Since Google changed its payment policy and requires a fee for every time Google Maps is displayed inside an application (like Nudist Compass) we had no choice, but to limit the count of requests to their API by allowing maps only to paying users. This usually happens only during the peak periods - like summer in the northern hemisphere. Otherwise we try to keep maps open free as long as possible.

Adding new place

How can I create, update and delete my own places ?

Read nice article written by clothes_suck.

Nudist Compass started as Android application. Since its launch in 2013 it gathered various places submitted by folks willing to share their know abouts among others. It's a generated content app where anyone can contribute.

In 2018, most of the Android functionality is being ported also to the Web, making it available for iOS, Windows and other platforms.

In 2021, another upgrade brought new exciting features including searching the news, photo galleries and more. In order to increase the quality of our database, submitting new place, commenting, rating and messaging requires registration. But anonymous users can still use the rest of the features.

Please help us and support further development:

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