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Raffineriestraße 50-57, 1220 Vienna, Austria
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The Neue Donau (or, in English, the New Danube) is a flood-control channel that parallels the east side of the Danube river in Vienna. The resulting island between the river proper and the man-made channel is Donauinsel (Danube Island), a long, narrow island that stretches over 20 kilometers. The New Danube is Vienna's nudist playground, and there are FKK areas near the southern and northern end of the island. This collection of placemarks details the FKK options near the southern end.

The main FKK area is on the east bank of the New Danube, and two pedestrian bridges, Steinspornbrücke and Walulisobrücke (both pinpointed), roughly delineate the designated FKK zone. These bridges are almost 3 kilometers apart, and this placemark is about halfway between the two. The street Raffineriestrasse runs parallel to the east bank of the New Danube, and there is also a broad, paved path for pedestrians and bicycles that parallels the east bank of the New Danube closer to the water. Nude sunbathers spread out along the grassy embankment that slopes gently from Raffineriestrasse toward the pedestrian path, and there are also pontoon docks that float in the water.

There are many snack stands and restaurants along the popular FKK strip, and the atmosphere can be colorful and lively. You may encounter nude skaters or a naked man selling ice cream, and the rowers from the nearby rowing club pass by oblivious to the nudists. If you arrive by car, there are parking spaces all along Raffineriestrasse, and some visitors are known to leave all their clothing in their cars. If you arrive by public transit, there are four bus stops along line 91A (all pinpointed) that provide direct access to the FKK area.

In addition to the long FKK strip along the east bank of the New Danube, there are a few other more secluded but popular FKK areas, all of which are pinpointed. On the east side of the New Danube, across Raffineriestrasse and the railway, there are two small lakes: Dechantlacke and Panozzalacke. Nudity is possible at both, but Dechantlacke is by far the more popular and attractive lake. To get to Dechantlacke, start at bus stop Frachtenbahnhof Lobau-Hafen and follow the signs. It's about a five-minute walk from the bus stop. Panozzalacke is just east of the bus stop of the same name.

On the west bank of the New Danube, there is a popular nudist meadow called Toter Grund. It is about halfway between the pedestrian bridges Steinspornbrücke and Walulisobrücke.

The main FKK strip along the east bank of the New Danube draws the largest and most eclectic mix of nudists. Dechantlacke is a mix of straight and gay, while Toter Grund is the domain of gay men. Panozzalacke is relatively unattended.

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  Donaustadt, Wien, Austria

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