Nudist compass

helps you to find closest nudist beaches and other naturist locations near you

● Check thousands of nudist beaches, naturist resorts and other interesting places worldwide

● Explore, comment or navigate to nearest nudist beach or add your favorite location

● Chat with other nudist enthusiasts

Whether you look for tranquil place in the heart of unspoiled nature or you prefer crowded nudist resort with vibrant night life, Nudist Compass can help you find the right place for you. You can check how busy the place is, meet other nudists or just chat with them anonymously.

Nudist Compass started as Android application. Since its launch in 2013 it gathered various places submitted by users willing to share the information about nudist beaches and other naturist locations among others. So it works as a user generated content app where anyone can contribute.

Since 2018, most of the Android functionality is being ported also to the Web, making it available for iOS, Windows and other platforms.

The site is still under construction, and things like adding new places or notifications are not yet available, but they will find the way to web application too. Until then, feel free to explore ever growing database of places, see who is online or close, checked into a place near you or simply what's new.

● You can use Nudist Compass anonymously or with chosen nick. With your nick, you can upload your real photo (or any other image you would like to link with it) or use selected emoji avatar. Plase note that nudity, explicit sexual or other inappropriate images are not allowed. Nudist compass is a user-generated reference guide, it is a list of places created by the people for the people in order to share information about nudist beaches and places alike. It’s not a porn site and as listed in Google Play, it must conform to its policies (no nudity for example). Accounts violating this will be banned.

● Nudist Compass is free. However since running a web server with the database, programming works, maintenance and support costs money, we started to use ads. You can disable ads, if you login with the nick and password and donate any amount of money through PayPal using the e-mail of your Nudist Compass account.

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