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Via Litoranea, Rome, Province of Rome, Italy
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Located about 30 kilometers southwest of the center of Rome, Capocotta is one of Italy's best known nude beaches. In years past, nudists spread out over a much larger area than is possible today. In an apparent effort to contain nude bathing at Capocotta, in 2000 a 250-meter stretch of the beach was set aside for naturists. This part of the beach, called Oasi Naturista di Capocotta, is located at kilometer marker 9 of the coast road. The extent of the officially designated nude zone is delineated by the red line. There is a restaurant in the nude area, and beach chairs and umbrellas can be rented.

In reality, nudity is also practiced for several hundred meters north of the designated nude zone. This part of the beach extends toward a beach bar called Settimo Cielo ("Seventh Heaven"), which caters to a gay clientele. (Watch for the all the rainbow flags.) The beach adjacent to Settimo Cielo is crowded, gay and textile. The area just south of Settimo Cielo but north of the designated nude zone tends to be gay and nude.

If you don't have a car or don't want to deal with parking (which is limited), you can get to the beach by public transit. Take the Ferrovia Urbana (urban railway) Rome-Lido line (commonly called the "Rome-to-Ostia train") to the last stop, station Lido Cristoforo Colombo, which is in Ostia. From here, board Bus 07 going south and get off at stop Settimo Cielo or Oasi Naturista di Capocotta, depending on where you want to go.


GPS: 41.6612, 12.4078

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I like this place. Probably works for everyone, saw people of all ages and also a family. Very mixed crowd. There's a bar but you have to cover yourself if you want to buy something. Quite a lot of sex going on in the waters as it is perfectly shallow for such activities (obviously :P) but it's discreet enough. There is a part between the road and the beach where there is vegetation and dunes where obviously people go for sexual exhibitionism and voyeurism activities away from the beach proper.
Very nice beach with toilets, shower and bar. You can rent sunbed and umbrella. Close parking, people park along the street but in weekends almost impossible to find spot.
Quest'anno moltissima gente già da giugno. Coppie, singoli, amici, famiglie.....Cresciamo...
Moltissime persone, qualcuno ancora con il tessile addosso purtroppo, acqua trovata sporca, ottimo il servizio di bar/ristorante, ma deve essere valorizzata di più.
Chi viene quí (coppie, singoli, separati, famiglie, gay, bisex, etero, lesbo, asex, adultosex, ecc.) dal 27/5/2017 per conoscenza, amicizia, valorizzare la spiaggia, divertirsi, nuotare, pulire spiaggia, prendere il sole, giocare, stare in armonia con la natura, costruire una bella e accogliente spiaggia nudista/naturista?
Resta la migliore a Roma per rilassarsi nudi, buona frequentazione gay, bear...difficile patcheggiare
None of these landmarks are easy to find, especially when the traffic and parking are extremely busy at weekends. I found a nudist gay part of the beach which was ok despite the fact that I am not gay but I am none the wiser now I have been!
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