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Freely open from 14/4 to 14/10/18. Nude free zone. If you look at a map that shows the administrative boundaries of Paris, you will notice a distinctive notch on the eastern side of the city that is barely connected to the rest of the city. This notch is almost encircled by Val-de-Marne, one of the three inner suburban departments that surround the city. The eastern notch of Paris is occupied entirely by the Bois de Vincennes (or the Vincennes Forest), which is the larger of the two grand forest parks of Paris. (The other park is Bois de Boulogne on the western side of the city.) The Bois de Vincennes covers nearly 10 square kilometers and accounts for nearly 10% of the total land area of Paris. It is nearly three times the size of Central Park in New York City. While much of the Bois de Vincennes is thickly forested, the park is also dotted with several small lakes and meadows as well as gardens, sporting facilities and a zoo. The Château de Vincennes, dating to the 14th century, is a massive walled castle abutting the northern side of the park. The castle actually lies over the administrative line in Vincennes, a town that is part of Val-de-Marne. Near the geographic center of the Bois de Vincennes, there is a meadow hidden in the forest that has historically been a gay haunt, where naturism was practiced surreptitiously. In August of 2017, that meadow was officially decreed as a space for naturist use, with the mayor of Paris on hand for the inauguration ceremony. The meadow, generally just called the Espace Naturiste du Bois de Vincennes, is the only public outdoor space in Paris where nudity is allowed, and it is reminiscent of the FKK meadows found in parks in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. The naturist meadow has been a hit and now draws a more diverse crowd even though patronage remains mostly male and mostly gay. The naturist meadow covers a bit less than two acres, and its boundaries are signed, but it is not fenced off. There is no kind of water feature for swimming. Anyone can wander into or through the meadow. Nudity is not obligatory, but most visitors opt to be naked. The practice of naturism is restricted to half the year, beginning in mid-April and extending until mid-October. Furthermore, naturism is allowed only during daytime hours, beginning at 8:00 am and ending sometime between 7:00 pm and 9:30 pm, depending on when the sun sets at the particular time of year. Read more...

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Un lieu très sympa où il fait bon vivre tout nu
Sympa l'aprèm, j'y suis allé pour la 1ère fois entre 17h et 18h j'étais étonné du monde environ une centaine de naturistes voire plus. Les jours ensoleillés comme aujourd'hui donnent vraiment envie de se mettre nu dans cette partie du bois allongé au sol en harmonie avec la nature. Quelques voyeurs et nudistes et aussi des égoistes en vélos mais relativement heureux de ce temps passé aujourd'hui.
Salut personellement j'irai même sous la pluie 😀
Ambiance sympa mais un peu spéciale. Majoritairement des hommes. Pas mal de monde même le matin et le midi. Cool pour faire une pause nu !
Il y a des personnes malgré la pluie ?
Heureusement en un mois d’ouverture tout va bien encore !!
C'est une zone assez fréquentée sans qu'il n'y ait jamais eu de problème. Je pensais moi-même venir aujourd'hui, le temps s'y prêtait bien, mais je n'ai pas pu..
Je suis passé ce matin et il y avait une vingtaine de nudiste au moins.
Zone opened to naturist and regular people. It's a small and quiet place inside the Bois de Vincennes, near Paris. It's been accorded by the mayor of the 12th arrondissement of Paris under the action of the association called ANP. It's a nice place to go to. Some activities are done there, like yoga, picnics, ...
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