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Unnamed Road, Creston, BC V0B 1G9, Canada
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Ram Creek Hot Springs is located about 70 kilometers north of Cranbrook in the Kootenays, a Rocky Mountain region of southeastern British Columbia. There are two large main pools which are side by side, with breathtaking views of rugged mountain scenery. These shallow pools are lined with rocks and have sandy bottoms. The water temperature is about 94°F (34.6°C), which is not really that hot. Nonetheless, visitors flock to soak in the warm water. It takes just a minute to hike uphill to the springs from the road.

Nude soaking is very well established here, and there is even a wood-carved sign that says "no swimsuits." Of course, this sign is the whim of a hardcore nude soaking enthusiast and is by no means an official requirement. In fact, swimsuit preferences vary considerably here. While nude soaking usually seems to be an acceptable option, there are times when everyone is nude and other times when textile soakers are the majority—particularly on weekend afternoons. Unless you are bold enough to strip down in front of a crowd of non-nudists, you may want to bring a bathing suit as a backup. The springs draw a diverse crowd of people.

Although four-wheel drive is not required to visit this site, the drive up the mountain is long and rough. High clearance is recommended. Come prepared; the springs are very remote. The road to the springs is closed from mid-November to mid-May.


GPS: 50.0329, -115.5925

city, district, province, country  (remote), East Kootenay, British Columbia, Canada

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