Nude beach / natural hot springs
Boulder Trail, Longmont, CO 80503, USA
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In the 90's, an informal association of naturists began to establish a clothing-optional beach on the undeveloped north shore of Boulder Reservoir, about a mile across the water from the public recreation amenities on the south shore. Over a decade later, the beach remains lightly and sporadically attended, but naturists seem to have established good relations with park rangers. Nudists who visit often bring temporary signs to post to advise any casual passersby that nudists are present. A line of vegetation along the waterfront provides partial privacy for nude sunbathers. Swimming, however, is prohibited all along the north shore.

GPS: 40.0849, -105.2240

city, county, state, country  Boulder, Boulder, Colorado, U.S.A.

classification  3 (discretion recommended)

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clothes_suck'Well I got out to the spot and checked in. The trail was blocked off and says it will reopen in two days on April 1st. I disregarded that. They've drain the lake so the level was low. The wind was fierce but not cold. So for symbolic purposes I stripped down and walked around naked on the beach a bit. This place would be nice on the right day.' commented clothes_suck.
Anonymous'Recommend that you walk a little further to the East along the shore than the map indicates. Better to go once the leaves are back on the trees.' commented Anonymous.

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