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Moorbekweg 100, 22359 Hamburg, Germany
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Sommerbad Volksdorf is a recreation pond with a circumference of about 350 meters—essentially the size of a really large swimming pool. It is located in the Volksdorf neighborhood of the Wandsbek borough of Hamburg, about 21 kilometers northeast of the city center. It is literally at the edge of the city limits. If you walk through the trees that surround either the north or the east side of the pond, you'll be in the neighboring state of Schleswig-Holstein.

Sommerbad Volksdorf is administered by a naturist club, which leases the property from a public works authority. The pond is open to the public, and there is an admission fee of several euros per person. There are significant discounts for youth and for members of DFK, the German national naturist association.

Although operated by a naturist club, there are no nudity or clothing requirements on the property. Visitors may be naked or wear swimsuits. A source of irritation for many nudist visitors is the large number of textiles, especially since Sommerbad Volksdorf is usually billed as an FKK entity. The sandy beach on the south side of the pond, which has a protected swimming area for children, tends to be mostly textile, although visitors are free to be naked as long as they don't mind being in the minority. The lawns around the rest of the pond are usually all or mostly nude.

Sommerbad Volksdorf is available to the public June 1 - August 31 from 10:30 am - 6:00 pm. During other months, the pond is available only to members of the naturist club. There is a café as well as facilities for volleyball, table tennis and other sports. There is also a small sauna facility (closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays) that is available for an extra fee.


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  Moorbekweg 100, 22359 Hamburg

The above address is the exact street address of Sommerbad Volksdorf. Parking is at the end of the street.

The closest U-bahn station is Buchenkamp (line U1), at coordinates 53.6529, 10.1857 (Map It), about one kilometer directly south of the lake. From the U-bahn station, you can follow Moorbekweg north all the way to its end to reach the lake.

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GPS: 53.6624, 10.1828

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  Wandsbek, Hamburg, Germany

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