Pohutukawa Bay Beach

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Gweebarra Bay, Okura, Auckland 0792, New Zealand

About 25 kilometers north of the Auckland city center, Pohutukawa Bay Beach is in the suburb of Torbay, which is among a conglomeration of suburbs that comprise an area of Auckland known as North Shore. This beach is located within Long Bay Regional Park, but it is a long walk (about 2 kilometers) north from Long Bay Beach, the large textile beach that is the park's main attraction. Pohutukawa Bay is a secluded and undeveloped beach that lies near the northern end of the park, just before a headland called Piripiri Point (beyond which is the Okura River estuary). It is a beautiful beach with a custom of nude bathing, and it is never overcrowded, usually drawing fewer than 50 nude bathers on weekends and a handful during the week. The beach takes its name from the line of Pohutukawa tress behind the beach that provide shade. The Pohutukawa is an iconic tree native to New Zealand that produces brilliant red flowers when it is in bloom during summer (which is to say, around Christmastime).

Pohutukawa Bay is not officially designated for nudity and is in fact technically subject to a local anti-nudity ordinance. However, authorities have traditionally turned a blind eye to circumspect naturism. To help ensure good relations, visitors should be naked only on the beach and not on the trails or in the hinterland area.

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GPS: -36.6681, 174.7464

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  Torbay, Auckland, North Island, New Zealand

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