Playa de las Suecas

Nude beach
Suecas Beach, Panama

The only beach in Panama to be specifically designated for nudity is not on the mainland, but rather on an island about 60 kilometers west of the ithsmus. Contadora Island is part of the chain of Pacific islands known as the Pearl Archipelago. The small island, which covers just 750 acres, is an upscale international tourist destination, dominated by the Hotel Contadora Resort, and the island has summer homes of people from all over the world. (Contadora was once home to the exiled Shah of Iran.) Of the island's twelve beaches, Playa de las Suecas (which literally means "Swedish Beach") is the designated nude beach. The beach is a sandy cove of a few hundred meters that is usually uncrowded and often deserted, and the high tourist season is mid-December to mid-April.

Playa de las Suecas is southeast of the airport runway and shielded from the the Hotel Contadora Resort by a grove of trees. Contadora Island is easily accessible by plane from Panama City. Commuter planes fly to the island twice a day, (four times on weekends), the flight is only 15 minutes, and a round-trip ticket is inexpensive. Ferry service is also available.

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GPS: 8.6272N, 79.0310W

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