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Range Road 3063, Vanscoy, SK S0L 3J0, Canada
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Paradise Beach, commonly known as "Bare Ass Beach," has a nude tradition that dates back to the 60's. This beach is a collection of large sandbars on the South Saskatchewan River. Textiles also visit the beach, with nude bathers choosing more remote areas.

Saskatoon has two nude beaches—a bit of a surprise for a small, interior, far northern city on the plains. Paradise is the choice of straight nudists. Cranberry Flats, farther north along the river and on the opposite bank, is the choice of gay men. At both beaches, it seems that locals and law enforcement have a "live and-let-live" attitude. Crowds of nudists are very small.


GPS: 51.9740, -106.7850

city, province, country  Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

classification  2 (traditionally nude)

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Anonymous'We are looking at offering nude yoga in Saskatoon. If you're interested contact me at' commented Anonymous.
GardenGnome'Sunday, 16 August, 2020. Very few naturists here today--suspect main gate closed due to Covid, but I came from the other direction. Sandbars have been separated a bit from shore, but still places to soak up the sun au naturale on shore. Beautiful day!' commented GardenGnome.
GardenGnome'The sand here is so fine, it could easily be used in an hourglass. Only five of us that I can see today (mid-week), but we've met a vibrant community of nudists at the weekends. Far left from the parking lot.' commented GardenGnome.
David&Lizzy'What a fantastic beach, river was in flood so relatively small, but about 20+ nudists at the far end, and textiles kept a boundary, met several new friends! ' commented David&Lizzy.
Anonymous' There are opportunities in the area for freehiking, using common sense of course. There are public woodland areas and meadows galore in the area, and large unvisited sandbars toward the Berry Barn. Be kind, pack out your litter!' commented Anonymous.

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