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5758 Highway 5A, Orleans, VT 05860, USA
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Lake Willoughby is a deep, oblong glacial lake in the far northeast of Vermont, about 20 mile south of the Québec border. The narrow southern end of the lake is just a quarter mile across and contains two coves. The eastern cove next to the highway contains a boat launch. Just across a stretch of woods, the hidden western cove—often called Southwest Cove—if visited by nudists. There is really no exposed beach per se since the tree line ends at the water, but there are flat areas beneath the trees. A sign at the trailhead warns that nudity may be encountered. The views from the beach are spectacular, with mountains abruptly rising up on both the east and west shores of the lake. The beach has a small but loyal following of regulars.


GPS: 44.7164, -72.0334

city, county, state, country  Westmore, Orleans, Vermont, U.S.A.

classification  1 (freely nude)

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