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31 Charlesworth Bay Road, Coffs Harbour NSW 2450, Australia
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Diggers Beach and Little Diggers Beach are adjacent beaches located on the north end of the town of Coffs Harbour on the northern coast of New South Wales, roughly 530 kilometers north of Sydney and 300 kilometers south of the Queensland border. Parking is at Diggers Beach, where a short wooden ramp takes you down to the central area of a 700-meter-long crescent. Facing the ocean, turn left and walk north along the beach to the end, then continue across the easily traversed rocky outcropping. Shortly you will arrive at Little Diggers Beach, a smaller cove that is a little less than 200 meters long. Little Diggers is an uncrowded beach where nudity is well established, even though it is not officially designated as clothing optional. Most visitors go nude, and authorities are tolerant. A steep and thickly vegetated hillside behind the beach shields it from view of the nearby houses at the top of the hill.

more info from Free Beaches Australia (scroll down to Little Diggers Beach)


GPS: -30.2700, 153.1443

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  Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, Australia

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